Invitation: Discussion „Help for refugees – how?“

on Monday, 12.1.2015
at Heimathafen Neukölln (Studio, upstairs)
Karl-Marx-Straße 141, U7 Karl-Marx-Straße
at 8.00 pm

Refugee and migration politics nowadays concern the minds of many people, and also us, as „CouldBeDifferent“. Driven back and forth between donation appeals for refugee camps on the one hand, and media effective „Pegida“ panic on the other; between compassion for boat people on the one hand, and anger towards drug dealers in Görlitzer Park on the other, we are floating into a scenario for which neither our politicians nor our citizens seem to be prepared – as if it had not been foreseeable that many would seek refuge in Europe and especially in Germany.

Maybe this preparation was not even wanted and most energy was instead focused on militarizing Europe’s borders.

The public’s perception varies from „Germany Is Doing Away With Itself“ to „Europe seals itself off“, whereby the latter is based on facts and the former only on resentments.


There are many causes of migration and flight, often created by injustice and inequalities in the political and economical world order, which also originates partly in Europe. To take responsibility for the consequences in the form of refugee streams overtaxes many people who see their own identity as being threatened, taking a defensive viewpoint which can be reduced to a slogan: „Free movement to Europe? Coffee: Yes – People: No!“


But besides these fears there also grows a will to help those who come here, to get to know them and support them with the acquisition of the food, shelter and even work which they seek within Germany’s borders. Here many different needs and approaches exist, and quite often helpers and the helped collide or are driven apart because good will is not always help but may end in patronizing and manipulation.

In an informal discussion we want to think about this question: „Help for refugees – how?“
We consciously wish to concentrate on what politics and each individual can do locally here in Germany and especially in Berlin. The big topics „outer borders“ and „justice in the world“ will of course form an important backdrop, but will not be at the centre of our talk.

We have invited speakers who will help give us ideas through their own experience and expertise:

  • Adam Bahar – refugee from Sudan, participant of the „Refugee March to Berlin“
  • Berenice Böhlo – lawyer,
  • Marcus Staiger – freelance journalist, e.g. „Zeit online“, „Vice“, „Berliner Zeitung“
  • Heiko Habbe – Jesuiten Flüchtlingsdienst
  • Greetings & moderation: Richard Haus & Jakob Preuss & the team of „GehtAuchAnders“

There will be a bar for refreshments.
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